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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • 20 Amazing Craft Projects You Can Make With Paper Cups

    papercupsIf we were to tell you that you can transform used paper cups into garlands, plant vases, gift boxes, or even popsicles, what would you think? We’ve collected 20 amazing ways you can turn your leftover paper cups into beautiful DIY projects.

    One plain paper cup, endless possibilities!

    Paper cups. We use them; we throw them away. It’s a vicious cycle we can’t escape that easily. And, even if we’d want to recycle the paper cup in which we bought our favorite coffee this morning, the problem is the cup cannot be recycled.

    How’s that possible? It’s just paper, right? Well, not exactly. Most paper cups are made from cardboard, but are coated in plastic, which keeps the drink warm and prevents them from leaking. The extra layer also makes the cup non-recyclable, since it’s extremely difficult to separate the cardboard from the plastic.

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