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Ice Cream Shop Consumables: Make Your Frozen Treat Servings Works of Art! 

Any frozen dessert fan knows that the best part is always the inventive and fun toppings. Arctic Supplies offers a wide selection of the finest quality consumables, so your shop can provide customers with endless options. We have traditional toppings like crushed cookies, cute gummies, and gooey syrups, but we also carry newer, inventive goodies like mini mochi, and popping boba pearls.

Arctic Supplies has you covered for top quality frozen yogurt mixes. Our mixes come in chocolate, tart, and vanilla, and are formulated to create a healthy, creamy, and flavorful mix to make the perfect base for all your customers’ dessert creations. The frozen yogurt mixes are powder based, so you can get it prepped and into the yogurt machine in minutes, eliminating the need to wait days for frozen mixtures to thaw. 

Frozen yogurt mixes are available in 6-lb bags in packs of five, and the more you buy, the lower your cost. Order Arctic Supplies’ premium mixes and simplify your frozen yogurt procedure!

Add Fun with Colorful Toppings 

Arctic Supplies has all the traditional toppings you could need for your frozen yogurt or ice cream business. We sell tasty gummy candies in cool colors and shapes, as well as sixlets in dreamy colors to make everyone’s frozen dessert experience beautiful and fun. We also stock chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and crushed sandwich cookies, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

No frozen dessert creation is complete without a great, gooey sauce on top. Arctic Supplies carries premium brand Ghirardelli sauces, so you can supply your customers with the highest quality products. The Ghirardelli sauces come in chocolate, caramel, and white chocolate flavors and are sold in large pump bottles, or smaller squeeze bottles, so you can pick the size that best matches your needs. 

Popping boba pearls are a delicious and exotic addition to your frozen yogurt and ice cream toppings bar. These yummy pearls are filled with fruity juices, ranging from tart green apple and luscious strawberry to mellow cantaloupe and tropical mango or lychee. These colorful, popping bobas burst with juiciness and are tons of fun to choose and eat. They come in so many flavors: blueberry, cantaloupe, cherry, green apple, kiwi, lychee, mango, orange, passion fruit, pomegranate, strawberry, and yogurt.

 Arctic Supplies also has many varieties of mini mochi toppings. Asian mochi are tiny, pillowy rice cakes that are chewy and soft, and come in a bunch of flavors, which makes them the perfect accompaniment to all frozen desserts. 

Get Great Deals on Fun Add-ons! 

All Arctic Supplies ice cream shop toppings are sold in conveniently large sizes, so you can get the best price and do not have to worry about restocking too often. The more you buy, the better the price! The toppings come in bulk, but are portioned and packaged appropriately, so your ingredients always stay fresh and tasty. 

With Arctic Supplies ice cream shop consumables, there is a topping for everyone to enjoy. Your customers can craft fun and delicious frozen dessert creations with our premium toppings.

Use Arctic Supplies frozen yogurt or ice cream toppings to offer your customers all the choices they need to design their ideal frozen dessert confection!