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Frozen Yogurt Mix

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Frozen Yogurt Mix: unique flavours for unique moments

Arctic Supplies has all the top-quality frozen yogurt mix and supplies that your business needs! Our powdered frozen yogurt mixes were developed after years of research and testing to create a healthy and creamy product with the perfect blend of flavors. The yogurt mix you purchase can be used as a base by adding liquid and powder flavorings to create unlimited flavor combinations. Check out our recipes for ideas!

For your frozen yogurt smoothie or frozen yogurt ice cream supply needs, our products are sold in a wide range of quantities for any size business. Our powdered mixes do not compromise quality, texture, or taste compared to a liquid mix. Whether you are operating a frozen yogurt shop, or selling it out of a concession stand or your convenience store, we have what you need to keep your customers coming back for more!

The Advantages of a Dry Mix

At Arctic Supplies, we only sell dry frozen yogurt mix products because we believe they bring the most value to our clients.

  • Less Expensive than a Liquid Mix—In addition to the price difference, a liquid mix is expensive to store and ship. Our mixes are less expensive than comparable liquid mixes before the added savings on shipping and storage.
  • Easy and Inexpensive to Store—There is no need for lots of refrigerated space with our powdered mixes. Liquid mixes are frozen solid when they arrive, and it takes days before they ready to pour in a machine. This can cause waste since it is hard to predict how much liquid mix you will need. 

  • Easy To Use—You can use a dry mix whenever you need it. Our powdered frozen yogurt mix is easy to mix and takes only minutes to make. Save yourself the potential logistical problems of a liquid mix with a powder alternative.

  • Easy to Customize—A dry mix allows you to customize the texture and flavor level. You can adjust the liquid for more creaminess or iciness, and easily mix flavors with the base mix.

Every 6 lb. bag of Arctic Supplies frozen yogurt mix makes over three hundred and sixty ounces! Just add 2 gallons of milk for every 6 lb bag of our powder to make cost-effective and excellent quality frozen yogurt. All of our frozen yogurt mixes are made in the U.S. and can be shipped to any destination.

Why Arctic Supplies Will Serve You Better

We understand the frozen dessert retail industry because we used to be in the same business. Our company was founded by a former frozen dessert retailer who realized customers needed better suppliers. Arctic Supplies was launched to solve this problem and has been winning loyal customers ever since.

Once you try them, we believe our frozen yogurt mixes will win your approval. The affordable, high-quality products we offer are matched by our excellent customer service. We hope to be a part of your business venture’s success and longevity.

Serve your clients the best frozen yogurt mixes provided by Arctic Supplies. Try us once, and you will continue to use our excellent products. A variety of tastes to get your clients turn back always. Check now!