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Ice Cream Toppings: more flavor and color to your servings

Your One-Stop Topping Shop

Add some flair with Arctic Supplies’ delicious ice cream toppings! Here at Arctic Supplies, we take our toppings seriously. We only select the highest quality products at an affordable price that are sure to add variety and satisfaction to your customers’ taste buds. Our ice cream toppings are a fun and enjoyable blend of known brands, exotic flavors, and traditional favorites that are sure to delight any customer.

Fill your orders with us worry-free and save time and money by choosing us as your trusted supplier. We buy a large volume of these toppings at a low price, letting us pass these savings on to you!

Our Products

Our world famous Ghirardelli’s signature chocolate and caramel sauces are a known favorite that will dress up any sundae. These rich and creamy flavors come in convenient, hassle-free squeeze bottles and push-pumps that let your customers know you’re serious about ice cream.

Boba is the biggest global trend in the dessert and beverage industries. Boba shops and products have entered every major city and suburb in the United States. Our Popping Boba Pearls are guaranteed to add chewy delight to your ice cream and make a splash in your Boba teas and shakes.

Mochi (rice cake) ice cream toppings are one of the most exciting new products in the US market. Mochi is soft, chewy, and gluten free, and our amazing assortment of high-quality mochi flavors and our world-class, superior-quality TeaZone Mini’s do not disappoint! Offer fans and passers-bye a delicious and healthier option for their low-fat ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Malt balls are a wonderful old-time favorite and our crunchy cocoa flavored pearls come in four vibrant colors adding that yummy malt zing and brilliant shine to your treats. Give your sundaes and shakes an attractive shimmering luster that leaves a lasting impression.

And do not forget our traditional rainbow sprinkles, cookie crush, and gummy bears that kids and grandparents love!

Your Creations Renewed

Let us support your creativity and let our toppings bring out the pure flavor goodness of your ice cream and frozen yogurt. Paired with your own delicious flavors, these toppings invent exciting new possibilities to design award-winning masterpieces or create simple pleasures like a boba, caramel, and vanilla ice cream sundae. We want you to stand out and we are committed to adding that “little extra” to your brand so you can feel confident that your customers will return again and again.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Arctic Supplies is a premiere company that holds to the highest standards of quality. We only buy our white label and toxic free products from responsible manufacturers with the strictest standards. We take pride in our commitment to excellence!

Our Value

We stand by our products and with good reason. Our toppings have become so popular that we have had to increase our orders in order to guarantee availability. If you want to buy excellent ice cream toppings from a great company, order from us today!