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Ice Cream Candy Toppings: make the sweet be sweeter 

What could possibly be better than ice cream? How about ice cream topped off with classic candies? At Arctic Supplies, we provide everything when it comes to frozen desserts, including a variety of ice cream candy toppings that will enhance any flavor of ice cream. 

Ice cream today has expanded beyond the traditional flavors to include all manner of tastes desired by the public. In the end though, there are still those classic candy toppings that have lasted for decades and still melt the hearts of ice cream lovers across the country. 

Arctic Supplies is proud to supply people with these long-loved candy toppings. If you are looking for bulk orders of ice cream candy toppings to enhance ice cream being served from your business, or for you own personal love of these classic treats, check out our selection now. 

Classics When it comes to ice cream candy toppings, sprinkles have been a customer favorite for generations of ice cream lovers. Nothing says summer like a delicious serving of ice cream covered in rainbow sprinkles, and with Arctic Supplies you can stock up on the best toppings for a great price. 

Along with rainbow sprinkles, Arctic Supplies also has pearlized sixlets in a variety of colors including blue, pink, lime green, and lavender. These little balls of deliciousness make ice cream more than just a simple dessert, they add personality and satisfy customers’ love for America’s favorite frozen treat. 

All pearlized sixlets and orders of rainbow sprinkles come in 10-lb quantities, enough to cover hundreds of orders of ice cream and add an extra smile to the people you serve. Stock your business, or satisfy your own personal desires, with great deals on ice cream candy toppings from Arctic Supplies. 


Another ice cream candy topping that is offered through Arctic Supplies is gummi candies. These little chewy delights are a delicacy for some ice cream fans and they all come in a mini size specially made to be added as a topping.

 The selection of gummi candies includes gummi bears and gummi butterflies. As sweet as they are adorable, when it comes to ice cream candy toppings these little fellas make all the difference to someone who is craving that particular taste when they go out for dessert. 

Mini gummi bears come in 30-lb quantities of assorted colors, and mini gummi butterflies come in 20-lb orders of four 5-lb bags. One order alone will satisfy the gummi lovers of your business and make your ice cream that much sweeter in the end. 

Complete Inventory 

When it comes to ice cream candy toppings or anything that has to do with frozen dessert supplies and equipment, Arctic Supplies has everything you need. By specializing in all things frozen dessert related, you can get large orders of these classic ice cream candy toppings for a low cost. 

Make the sweets sweeter by adding fun and color to your ice cream with Arctic Supplies ice cream candy toppings. Buy your candy supplies today!