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Chocolate Toppings for Every Need!

The best thing about ice cream is the vast array of options available to the adventurous eater. Savory cinnamon, tangy sherbet, smooth mint, and hundreds of other unique flavors accent the already irresistible taste of ice cream. There are surely enough options to feast for a lifetime and never get bored. Every once in a while, however, somebody comes along and fuses exciting and exotic new flavors with timeless classics. With that in mind, we at Arctic Supplies are pleased to offer chocolate pearls and chocolate covered sunflower seeds!

Diving for Pearls

At first glance, the chocolate pearl may not seem like a new innovation. Chocolate, of course, has been around since time immemorial. The beauty of Arctic Supplies’ chocolate pearls, however, lies in their immaculate pairing of taste and texture. The uniquely satisfying “crunch” of the outer shell heralds the delicious cocoa flavor that stays on the tongue long after the delectable morsel dissolves in the mouth. The chocolate pearl is a one-of-a-kind compliment to any confection, providing just the right accent while delivering an outsized amount of flavor.

The Taste of Sunshine

It is difficult to argue the fact that the combination of sunflower seeds and chocolate is a match made in heaven. The salty, mouthwatering bite of the sunflower seed, itself a tempting treat on any summer day, meets the savory roll of the chocolate halfway to create an outstanding burst of flavor. Sprinkled on top of a frosty whip of soft-serve or upon a glacial scoop of ice cream from the bucket, this delicious chocolate topping is sure to please any hungry customer.

A Feast for Every Sense

Arctic Supplies’ chocolate toppings provide a treat for every sense. Try mixing up a smooth ice cream or frozen yogurt with a batch of our chocolate covered sunflower seeds and watch for the satisfied looks on the lucky eaters’ faces. Better yet, scatter the chocolate pearls over your favorite soft-serve and watch word of your delicious confections spread. The marriage of smooth ice cream and the nut-like crunch of our toppings is sure to please even the most demanding dessert connoisseurs.

Of course, we understand that taste is not the only important part of a dining experience, and even as casual an experience as a cone of ice cream is no exception. Bearing that notion in mind, we make our chocolate toppings a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Our chocolate pearls are available in a variety of rich and savory colors. One look at a package of these, waiting to be added to a freshly served cone, sets the mouth-watering and the stomach grumbling. The multicolored coating on our chocolate covered sunflower seeds provides a whimsical touch to an already delicious snack.

Delicious Embellishments!

Both of these little treats hold true to the quality and value on which Arctic Supplies bases its sterling reputation. We provide only the finest ingredients crafted into delicious, appealing products that will leave even the pickiest eater asking for seconds. Whether sprinkled over a small dish of gourmet frozen yogurt or generously applied to a heaping Neapolitan waffle cone, our chocolate covered sunflower seeds and chocolate pearls are sure to please.