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Plastic Drink Cups from Arctic Supplies : we help you provide the best customer experience! 

Arctic Supplies, leading provider of Frozen Dessert accessories, equipment, and supplies offers everything you, your business, or your home might need in the way of frozen desserts. We have cups, spoons, ice cream scoopers, even frozen yogurt mix and toppings. We make your satisfaction our priority and we are fully committed to bringing you the highest quality products at very affordable prices. 

Our huge selection of products includes plastic drink cups. These can be used to serve everything from soda to ice coffee drinks to frozen yogurt. Whether you need plastic beverage cups to serve customers at your corner store, juice bars, or coffee shops, or need cups to stock your office’s break room, you can depend on our high quality and low prices. 

Our Plastic Cup Options 

Arctic Supplies brings you a full range of sizes for the plastic drink cups. High quality safe plastic drink cups to guarantee the best customer experience! We offer four different plastic cup sizes to give you and your customers multiple options. You can choose from 12 oz., 16 oz., 20 oz., or 24 oz. cups. The 12, 16, and 20 oz. sizes come in cases of 1000, and the 24 oz. cups come in cases of 600. We also offer flat and dome lids sold separately for businesses that sell sodas, coffees, smoothies, and other drinks to go. 

Our clear plastic cups are made from durable and safe PET plastic. Unlike other plastic products, PET plastic’s chemicals do not leech into the food or liquid around them, making them the ideal plastic for the food service industry. It can also be easily recycled into other materials, making it a more environmentally sustainable option. Your customers will appreciate your commitment to their safety and your concern for the environment when you offer them their drinks and desserts in these cups. 

Are you looking for something a little more unique than plain, clear cups? With Arctic Supplies you can customize an order of our products, including our plastic beverage cups. Perhaps you would like your yogurt shop’s logo on your cups to increase brand recognition, or maybe you just want to add that little something to make your wedding more special. Get a quote on your custom product request today! 

Our Commitment to Our Customers 

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and low prices. Our company was founded by a gelato shop entrepreneur, so we understand the particular needs of small businesses. We strive to supply you with all of the products you need and provide you with superior customer service in our every interaction. Our products are sold in quantities that can meet the needs of almost every business, and we are always happy to work with businesses to find new ways to meet their needs.

 You deserve to work with suppliers who appreciate your needs and value your business. We offer much more than just plastic cups, so be sure to check out our full range of products!