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Dividers for ice cream containers from Arctic Supplies: keep the flavors apart 

Arctic Supplies provides frozen dessert supplies and equipment to businesses of all sizes. Our wide range of supplies, from cups and spoons, to napkins and toppings, has made us a leading retailer in the industry. We take pride in offering the best quality products at the best possible prices. 

We offer a range of ice cream cup dividers and accompanying accessories to help you bring your customers extra satisfaction. These dividers allow customers to keep ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors and toppings separate, even when they are only using a single cup. Customers love this option, and there are benefits to businesses as well.

The Benefits of Cup Dividers 

Frozen yogurt and ice cream shops pride themselves on offering a wide range of flavors to customers, and businesses everywhere are getting more and more creative in the options they offer. From traditional flavors, like chocolate and vanilla, to more daring creations, like matcha green tea and carrot cake, customers have a wider selection than ever before. Some flavors, however, just do not mix. This is where cup dividers come in. 

Our ice cream cup dividers allow your customers to divide their cups into two or three sections. If they want to sample this month’s dragonfruit special but are worried that it will spoil their classic favorites, they can simply slip in a cup divider and enjoy the best of both worlds. The dividers keep toppings separate, too, so your customer can enjoy a few strawberries with their sorbet without ruining their pumpkin pie. Your customers’ satisfaction is your top priority, and we strive to help you keep them happy.

 Our data show that customers love cup dividers. 33% of customers choose to use dividers when they are available. Even better, customers who use dividers purchase an average of 15–20% more frozen yogurt and toppings. Keeping your customers happy has never been better for you!

Our Cup Divider Options 

We have multiple options for cup dividers. One option is our 100% biodegradable, cornstarch-based dividers that separate cups into two sections. They are available in two sizes, for either our stock 16-oz. or our stock 20-oz. cups, and are available in green and pink. They come with a free dispenser for display in your shop. 

We also have paper dividers that can be used to divide a 16-oz. cup into either two or three sections. The design of these paper dividers gives customers the added option of choosing different proportions of flavors. If they want half their cup filled with one flavor and want smaller portions of two other flavors, this divider will help them keep those flavors separate. If they want equal portions of three different flavors, it works for that too. These dividers are made from FDA-approved, 100% recycled paper. 

To display our paper dividers, and encourage customers to use them, we offer a dispenser starter kit. Made of clear acrylic, the dispenser holds 200 dividers and fits nicely on your shop’s counter. You can then purchase more paper cup dividers as needed.

Keep Your Customers Satisfied 

Offering your customers the best of all worlds with our cup divers keeps your patrons happy and brings you better business.

Take advantage of our flavor dividers for your containers to provide the best takeaway experience to your customers. Check our selection and order only on Arctic Supplies!