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Ice Cream Cups

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Ice Cream Cups Cups and Frozen Dessert Supplies

No matter what type of frozen dessert you offer to your customers, whether it is fruity, low-fat frozen yogurt or rich, decadent gelato packed with chunks of chocolate and nuts, you will need the right containers and supplies. At Arctic Supplies we take pride in offering everything you need to serve your products to your customers attractively and in size appropriate portions. After all, your business and ours depends on keeping them coming back for more.

Paper Cups

We offer an exceptionally large assortment of all types of disposable cups. We carry disposable paper cups which come in a large array of colorful choices, from plain white to polka dot, and several bright, solid hues. We also have cups with fresh fruit emblazoned in a bold and colorful design. Arctic Supplies also offers an extensive selection of disposable paper beverage cups, for both hot and cold beverages.

If your business offers a variety of flavors, you will often have customers who want a small sample before deciding on a flavor. You do not want to waste a full-size disposable cup, as it is not cost effective and also seems as if you are not prepared to offer samples. Arctic Supplies offers the perfect solution with the choice of both .50 oz. white paper soufflé sample cups and biodegradable green, pink, or natural .50 oz. sample cups.

We are also proud to carry 8 oz. eco-friendly cups that are perfect for ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. This is often a wonderful sales tool in areas where people appreciate environmentally friendly options. These cups are made from renewable resources, and are certified both biodegradable and compostable.

Plastic Cups

Perhaps you need a cup that is slightly more upscale than the paper options. However, you do not want the expense and hassle of reusable glassware. For those of you who are looking for an extensive array of disposable plastic cups, Arctic Supplies has everything you could possibly want.

We offer a plastic disposable cup for every conceivable application, from build-your-own sundaes to upscale ice cream socials. They come in many styles, colors, and sizes to suit your every need.

Arctic Supplies is also your source for plastic beverage cups that are perfect for cold drinks and milkshakes. No matter what type of plastic disposable cup you need, check out our incredible selection today!


In addition to disposable cups, Arctic Supplies offers all the accessories necessary for your business needs. We carry dome-top lids for our ice cream cups, flat top lids for both the ice cream cups and the beverage cups, and we carry them in sizes to fit all of the cups in our various lines. We also offer dividers for frozen yogurt cups for those of you who would like the option of separating flavors.

Complete Inventory

No matter how large or small your business is, when you need supplies remember that Arctic Supplies is your one stop solution retailer for frozen dessert supplies, disposable cups, scoops, containers, equipment, and consumables. Check our offer today!