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Sample Cups

Sample Cups and Soufflé Cups from Arctic Supplies: We make every cup special!

Offering samples to customers is a great way to allow them to try new flavors and fall in love with a new taste that will bring them back for more. The problem that may occur from this however is that you end up using precious resources, like cups, to satisfy the demand, which can end up costing you money in the long run. 

At Arctic Supplies, we offer a variety of sample cups that you can obtain for a great wholesale price. Why go through a local grocery store and pay top dollar when you can get them direct from the supplier? With us, you can get the size and style sample cup that suits your individual needs all while saving you money, which is a goal any business tries to accomplish. 

Sample Cups 

Arctic Supplies’ paper sample cups come in a perfect .50 oz. size and range in colors from green and pink, to a natural shade. Perfect for that amazing taste of your product, these paper sample cups are 100% biodegradable and allow you the option of keeping your main product cups without having to waste them for quick tastes. 

The best thing about Arctic Supplies is that not only are you paying the lowest amount for sample cups, but also, because they come directly from the manufacturer, you always know you can get the supplies you need without worry. You can buy large quantities so you are always stocked up and the variety of colors allows you to choose the best ones for your individual business. 

Soufflé Cups 

The soufflé cups provided by Arctic Supplies come in .50 oz. and .75 oz. sizes depending on what you need. These cups are simple and great for businesses that just need a simple sample cup to hand off to their customers. Their quantity and small size allow for plenty of inventory, and because of their price, you will not have large expenses geared towards the sample aspect of your business. 

As always, just like Arctic Supplies’ other sample cups, these soufflé cups are ecological and safe for the environment. If you are in the market for quality sample cups for your business, make sure you check out what Arctic Supplies can offer you. 

Complete Inventory 

If you are looking to save money, present your customers with something special to promote your business, or just looking to have some small sample cups to use when a larger cup is not necessary, check out what Arctic Supplies has for sample cups and soufflé cups. 

When it comes to saving money on inventory and product, a sample cup is the best way to accomplish what you need. Do not waste hard-earned money on inventory when you can get everything you need straight from a leading supplier of frozen dessert supplies and equipment.

Sample cups and soufflé cups must be special just as your clients are. Provide them an eye-catching experience with our colorful and ecological sample cups.