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Ice Cream Shop Napkins from Arctic Supplies: enhance your customer experience

Running an ice cream shop requires a number of different important supplies to have at hand. One of these is napkins. Napkins can not only keep your shop cleaner and tidier, but they also make it easier for customers to enjoy themselves when they stop to buy an ice cream or a soda. No one wants to have their hands frozen while holding a cold soda or ice cream cup, so let our napkins help your customers!

We offer different napkin selections to choose from at Arctic Supplies. The best option when it comes to running an ice cream shop is to have paper napkins. These are disposable, completely “green,” and they are easy to have available to all your customers. The best thing of all is that they are highly affordable.

One of our most popular options is Kraft 1 Ply Beverage Napkins. These come 4,000 to the case, which makes it a great deal for all shops. They are 9x9 and work perfectly for both beverages and frozen treats. They are sturdy and can soak up a large amount of liquid in case of spills. If you have tables that you want to keep from getting wet, you can even use these napkins as coasters because they are a perfect size.

When you choose these beverage napkins, you are selecting napkins that can make enjoying an ice cream much more pleasant for your customers because they can protect their hands from dripping ice cream or cold drinks. Our Kraft 1 Ply Beverage Napkins come in white or kraft, and if you need custom napkins, then we can help as well for a nominal fee.

Since these napkins are eco-friendly, you can use them freely. You also never have to worry about them disintegrating in your hands because they are made to withstand a large amount of liquid. Because ice cream shops have a lot of people with children as customers, this kind of napkin can keep your tables, chairs, floors, and counters much cleaner for longer periods of time.

Our custom-printed beverage napkins can be made with any business logo or name that you want. No matter how complex the design is, we can handle it. If you prefer to have simple napkins in a different color than we usually offer, then you can contact us so that we can arrange this option. We can give you a quote for the cost as soon as we find out how many napkins you need and what style you prefer.

Having napkins that you can rely on at your ice cream shop can make the clean-up process easier and can keep customers much happier. Since these napkins look great, you can easily stack them on your counter or insert them into napkin disposals at individual tables. With our paper napkins, you can also feel that you are not hurting the environment since they are disposable.

If you want quality napkins, then choose from our options at Arctic Supplies.