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Deluxe Ice Cream Scoops from Arctic Supplies: Serving Ice Cream Just Got Easier!

Have you every pulled the ice cream from the freezer and had a hard time scooping it out because it was frozen hard? Have you watched a staff member have a hard time as he scoops ice cream that came right out of the freezer? Whether you enjoy serving ice cream at home or you have a business where you serve ice cream to your customers, the newest ice cream scoops from Arctic Supplies just made your job a little easier. These affordable scoops are perfect for both home and business owners because they will eliminate these scooping troubles.

Ice Cream Scoop Automatically Defrost

These deluxe ice cream scoops are non-mechanical, but their unique one-piece design allows them to defrost the ice cream you are scooping automatically. The scoops can be used effectively with both ice cream and frozen yogurt, and they are great for residential or commercial kitchens. No matter how hard the ice cream is when it comes out of the freezer, these scoops will make it quick and easy to scoop.

Built with Durable Aluminum Design

Arctic Supplies’ ice cream scoops are made with strong and durable aluminum that will last for many years to come. Aluminum is also easy to keep clean and you can use it for multiple types of ice cream without worrying about jeopardizing the flavor. The material is safe to use on all types of foods and is completely corrosion-resistant. If taken care of properly, they could literally last a lifetime. These scoopers are sold in a silver or brown color.

Made with Functionality in Mind

Arctic Supplies has thought of everything when it comes to their newest ice creams scoops. Each ice cream scoop has the exact size of the scoop engraved right into the handle of the scooper. This makes it easy for your staff to grab the right size of scoop when preparing frozen desserts for your customers. This in turn can help save your business money, by not giving away extra ice cream with each serving.

Very Affordable Prices

Best of all, the ice cream scoops from Arctic Supplies are extremely affordable and cost less than many of its competitors. This allows you to get the high quality, self-defrosting ice cream scooper you want for your home or business, at a price that fits your budget. This low price is even better, when you take into account that it likely will last forever.

Better Customer Service

Using these ice cream scoops from Arctic Supplies at your business can greatly improve your customer service. Not only will your staff be able to serve your customers faster, but you will not have to soften the ice cream or frozen yogurt before serving. This gives your customers the best taste possible. The easy-to-read labels will also provide better conformity with your serving sizes.

You will never have trouble scooping ice cream again, nor will you have to watch your staff member struggle as he scoops ice cream when you use these great ice cream scoopers.

Arctic Supplies’ top-quality ice cream scoops are useful for any ice cream job. Check out our offers and improve your service with Arctic  Supplies’ unique ice cream scoops.