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Wooden Spoons

Choose Wooden Tasting Spoons That Make Your Treat Something Neat!

Do you remember the first time that you tried a decadent, rich, frozen treat, and you just could not wait to get more? Now you can relive that moment and share it with family and friends whenever you get the urge with high-quality wooden tasting spoons that will keep them coming back for more. 

Good foods are meant to be enjoyed with friends, family, and fun. Now you can take advantage of quality production with 100% grade A nature-friendly white birch wooden taster spoons with a smooth finish. They are completely odorless and tasteless—delivering ice cream servings with the perfect taste experience. 

Choosing the right ice cream wooden spoon has never been easier. At Arctic Supplies we continue our commitment to service by offering the best quality for a better taste. You can serve your delicious treats and samples on the best white birch wooden taster spoons and be confident that you are going to share a taste that can only be created by you. Check our offer, and buy your wooden tasting spoons today!

What Makes These Wooden Tasting Spoons Ideal For Tasting?

Each tree produces a wood type that has a different texture and color. Getting the right batch requires the combination of a keen eye and a wealth of knowledge to know the purpose of wood type and how it will eventually be used.

 With Arctic Supplies’ wooden spoons, you will notice the finish that is smooth to the touch and attractive to the eye. What better way to complement your delicious treats like ice cream, gelato, and sorbet than to use the attractive white birch selected specifically to make these tasting spoons? 

The white birch that goes into each taster spoon is selected by a professional with many years of experience in selecting the right tree at the right time of year so that the wood is sturdy, high-grade, and suitable for the cutting and smoothing process. Check out the new offer, and buy your next tasting spoons today!

 Where Else are These Nature-Friendly Wooden Taster Spoons Ideal to Use?

If you are serving up delicious samples of Italian ice or gelato, you can buy these wooden tasters and trust that the smooth finish will complement the delicious treat and put smiles on your new customers’ faces. 

There are a wide range of foods that you can also put to the taste test with the grade A quality of these wooden tasting spoons—think of how easy it would be to scoop out a sample serving of almond butters, homemade caramel, or delicious fudge for an eager customer. The high grade quality white birch is also versatile and can be used for thick sauces and other delights. 

Unique foods call for a perfect tasting spoon that delivers the taste and eliminates waste. These wooden taster spoons are perfect for tasting and serving a wide variety of sample products. These nature-friendly tasting spoons are suitable to use with Frozen Dessert products and are especially good to use for ice creams, frozen yogurt desserts, and sorbet. 

Each pack features 1,000 unwrapped white birch tasting spoons with these specifics: 

  • Completely odorless and tasteless

  • Durable, high-quality smooth finish

  • Hand selected grade A white birch wood

  • Nature-friendly sourcing

  • Versatile—can also be used for a wide variety of other food samples 

Check our store, and buy your wooden tasting spoons today!